The mouth of Christ

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This Sunday 7th March is the 3rd Sunday of Lent 2021, and also the 11th Sunday of lockdown2.0.  In normal years we would  be running a whole series of Lent events in the run up to Holy Week, but unfortunately this year we are unable to do so until the Scottish Government eases its Covid-19 restrictions to allow worship services and events to take place again.  So once again we are virtually throwing our doors open and welcoming you to come on in and join us for this weeks service.  Please take a seat, wherever you like, or stand or walk if that is comfortable for you, and press play to enjoy Rev Mike with this weeks video sermon.  All at  a time convenient for you.

This weeks order of worship that you can use:

  • Light a candle – to remember that Christ is the light of the world, and overcomes every darkness.
  • Opening prayer“Loving and Holy God, we gather together in our own places, to enjoy Your presence with us, and to listen again for Your Word for our times and for our lives.  We gather also to offer You our praise and thanks.  We thank You for this day and all the days of our lives.  We thank You for the world in which we live and do not always fully appreciate or care for properly.  We thank You for the technology that allows us to be together, even though we are apart.
    Forgiving God, it is with heavy hearts that we confess that there are times when our voices have not been used in praise and adoration, but in judgment and criticism.  Forgive us Lord, when we have allowed the myriad of other voices in the world to drown out Your voice.  Forgive us when have become so preoccupied by other things that we have failed to hear Your voice.  Clear away our fears and frustrations, and give us clean hearts and spirits.  Help us to be confident in Your mercy and transformational love.  These things we offer in the name of Jesus, our Saviour and Lord.       Amen.”
  • Read this weeks scripture passage – Luke 4:14-22
  • Video Sermon The mouth of Christ
  • Responsive reading – Psalm 81
  • Prayer and benediction – Ever present God, we thank you for walking with us through days of uncertainty as well as times of pleasure and satisfaction.  In times of risk and stress, you provide a still point of calm.  In times of challenge, you are the source of courage and confidence for us.  Thank you for hearing us when we pray, and for the wisdom and encouragement we receive from you.  We pray for those who are struggling with the isolation and frustration the pandemic means for so many.   Bring them peace and patience with your love.  We pray for churches whose shared life has been changed so much by months of distancing.  Keep us strong in faith and fellowship, so that we may serve as agents of healing and hope in our communities.  We pray for our nation and the nations of this world.  May leaders confront the challenges of this time with courage, wisdom and compassion. Guide us all to discern the difference between the different voices we hear.  We pray for innocent victims of violence around the world.  Work through advocates for peace with justice to bring change where it is needed, and daily bread to those whose lives and livelihoods have been disrupted.  And we pray for all those who are enduring pain and illness, those who are facing grief and loss, and those who work on the front lines in our community, in health care, education, retail, emergency and public service.  So many are exhausted by these months of pandemic.  Be their comfort and encouragement day by day.
    Lord, may the words of our mouths and the meditations of our hearts always be pleasing to You, and may the blessing of God Almighty, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit rest upon you and remain with you for evermore.   Amen.”
  • Extinguish the candle

What else is happening at Wilson Memorial this week?

basics bank imageWe have created a program of on-line events that you can join in from the comfort of your favourite armchair. Details of these events can be found on our “What’s on – Lockdown special” web page.  Go and check it out, NOW!

In addition to video sermons, we also now have podcast sermons available to download and listen to on your mobile device wherever you are.  We also have a “dial a sermon” service available, where you can listen to sermons by telephone.  To phone a service, simply call us on 0131 297 6174, you will hear an automated greeting, and then after a short pause the latest sermon will play.

Our Basics Bank, Food Bank, continues to operate as normal every Tuesday providing a critical service to individuals and families suffering hardship in our local community.  Please visit our Basics Bank page for details of what we are currently needing.

Read more about the United Free Church of Scotland

The December 2020/January 2021 edition of STEDFAST, our denominations magazine, is now available from Wilson Memorial Church.

We have hard copy coffee-table editions and soft copy tablet/PC editions available.

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