Come, see, find

Another Sunday in lockdown

Sunday 17th January is the second week in our return to lockdown, and Rev Mike has created an online message with service structure to replace our usual weekly church service.  We hope that you will log on or dial in, and enjoy this weeks sermon.

Wilson Memorial On Demand:  On your phone, your tablet, and your computer.

This weeks order of worship that you can use:

  • Light a candle – to remember that Christ is the light of the world, and overcomes every darkness.
  • Opening prayer – “Father God, ever creating, ever loving, ever leading, You are stillness when we are frantic; You are truth when we are confused and perplexed.  You give us freedom when we are paralysed by fear; You send us light when we stumble in the darkness.  You are love when we feel lonely and empty.  For all that You are, all that You have been, and for all that You will be for us, we praise You, Creator, Christ, Spirit.  We come to You in worship, to listen again to Your voice, and to seek Your way for us.  In Jesus’ name we pray.  Amen.
  • Opening praise – read or sing “The King of Love, my shepherd is” – here is a you-tube video with music, that you can sing along to.

  • Video Sermon “Come, see, find” presented by Rev Mike Marsden

  • Scripture reading – John 1:43 – 51
  • Praise – Read or sing “Amazing Grace” – here is a you-tube video with music, that you can sing along to.

  • Prayer of the people – God of all life and each life, our prayers combine with those of people in many different places.  We face many different challenges, and also a common challenge in responding to the pandemic, though in so many different contexts.  We thank you for honouring all our prayers with the gift of your Spirit, so that we can find strength and wisdom we need in you.

    We remember before you today people living face to face with war and violence, in those places where hatred has been stirred up and fear stalks people on their own streets; and we pray for all those displaced by violence, seeking refuge among us or in camps and communities around the world; God, speak to us a word of peace.

    We remember before you today people living face to face with so much economic uncertainty, for those who have lost their jobs or worry what may happen as this year unfolds: God, speak to us a word of reassurance.

    We remember before you today people living face to face with discrimination and social prejudice, for those who are bullied at school, at work or at home, for those who are made ashamed of who they are:  God, speak to us a word of dignity.

    We remember before you today people living face to face with illness and suffering, for those struggling with disability, made more complex these days, and for those who know grief or anxiety, especially those cut off from comfort or support by months of pandemic isolation: God, speak to us a word of healing.

    We remember before you today people divided by differences of race or creed, of culture, gender or generation: and we pray for all those who seek to build bridges of understanding and co-operation across differences: God, speak to us a word of reconciliation.

    We remember before you today your whole creation and its many vulnerable facets and faces. Teach us how to care for the rips and tears in the fabric of the world you love, so we may live together wisely: God, speak to us a word of wisdom.

    All these prayers, spoken and unspoken, we offer to You in the strong name of Jesus, our Saviour and Lord.  Amen.”

  • Benediction – “Thank you for being with me today, and until the next time: Go into the world, listening for God’s call in your lives; God into the world, ready to follow Jesus Christ; Go into the world, sustained by the love and power of the Holy Spirit.  Amen”
  • Extinguish the candle

What else is happening at Wilson Memorial this week?

basics bank imageWe have created a program of on-line events that you can join in from the comfort of your favourite armchair. Details of these events can be found on our “What’s on – Lockdown special” web page.  Go and check it out, NOW!

In addition to video sermons, we also now have podcast sermons available to download and listen to on your mobile device wherever you are.  We also have a “dial a sermon” service available, where you can listen to sermons by telephone.  To phone a service, simply call us on 0131 297 6174, you will hear an automated greeting, and then after a short pause the latest sermon will play.

Sundays on-hold– Unfortunately in line with the Scottish Government COVID restrictions, we are unable to open for any in-person activities, apart from the essential Basics Bank.  Worship services and activities are available on-line from our website, podcasts, and dial a sermon service.  We have a great resource library of video sermons available for watching, which gets updated every week.  We look forward to welcoming everyone back into our church, but in the meantime please stay safe, and enjoy our services from the comfort of your home.

Our Basics Bank, Food Bank, continues to operate as normal every Tuesday providing a critical service to individuals and families suffering hardship in our local community.  Follow the link to find out how we are preparing for Christmas at the Basics Bank.

Read more about the United Free Church of Scotland

The October/November 2020 edition of STEDFAST, our denominations magazine, is now available from Wilson Memorial Church.

We have hard copy coffee-table editions and soft copy tablet/PC editions available.

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