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This Sunday 31st May is Pentecost.   This is our 11th Sunday of isolation, and it’s incredible to think that this year we have been unable to worship together in person for Palm Sunday, Easter Sunday, and now Pentecost. Fortunately some relaxation of the lockdown rules are now starting, but it will be some time before we can return to normal.  In this “new” style of life, it continues to be extremely important for everyone to stay at home, and so Wilson Memorial Church invites you to join us online, from the safe comfort of your home, as Rev Mike presents this weeks video sermon.

An order of worship that you can use:

  • Light a candle – to remember that Christ is the light of the world, and overcomes every darkness.
  • Call to worship – As we share together in this Pentecost Sunday service together, let’s begin with a word of prayer:“Spirit of God, we long to be open to Your presence in Your church and in our lives.  Fill us with Your breath and fire, that we might be enlivened again.  Help us hear Your Word as if for the first time.  Give us glimpses of what You have long for in Your creation, that we might begin to live them into reality.  Come, Spirit; come into our worship, into our homes, and into our very selves.  In Jesus name we pray.  Amen.”
  • Read this weeks scripture passage – John 20:19-23
  • Video Sermon – Pentecost: A different perspective
  • Praise – Sing or listen to “Breathe on me, breath of God” – here is a you-tube video with music and words, that you can sing along to.
  • Prayer – “Wind of the Spirit, blow though us on this day of Pentecost and renew our faith. Re-awaken our love for the Father, and warm our hearts with trust in Jesus as we dare to do great things in His name.
    Wind of the Spirit, blow through us and give us energy to serve You in Christ’s church. Open our eyes to recognise the needs for ministry and mission, and to learn from this time when we have had to do things differently in our worship and in our caring for one another. Open our hearts to connect with those for whom this time of social distancing has been very difficult. Open our hands to share in the tasks that need doing, and open our lips in prayer and praise.
    Wind of the Spirit, blow through us and give us understanding: for those whose lives seem so different from ours and those facing situations because of this pandemic that we don’t encounter; give us understanding for those with whom we’ve disagreed; and for the problems and challenges we will all now face at home, at work, and in the world, as we begin to recover from the effects of the pandemic.
    Wind of the Spirit, blow through us and bring healing for all who face pain or illness, discouragement or disappointment, made so much more acute because of isolation. Bring healing for all who know sorrow, sadness or grief, and for those who face stress and pressure as they try to rebuild their lives.
    Wind of the Spirit, blow through us and bring us the compassion we see in Jesus. Blow through us and refresh us as Your faithful followers, equipped to serve the world You love in Christ’s name.
    In the strong name of Jesus we pray. Amen.
  • Benediction “As you have watched and listened today, we have been invited to look at Pentecost from a different perspective. I hope you have found that helpful, and that it may have given you a broader appreciation for this wonderful day of celebration as you feel the power of the Holy Spirit flooding into your life. Feel the joy! Celebrate the freedom to proclaim God’s love to all, and for all, and be at peace…and the blessing of God Almighty, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit be with us all, now and always. Amen”
  • Extinguish the candle

What else is happening at Wilson Memorial this week?

Wilson Memorial Zoom

Pentecost Zoom Communion – 11:00am Sunday 31st May

This will be our first ever on-line live communion service.  Joining instructions will be emailed on Saturday 30th May.  If you would like to join and don’t receive the instructions, please get in touch using our contact page.

basics bank imageWe have also created a program of on-line events that you can join in from the comfort of your favourite armchair. Details of these events can be found on our “What’s on – Lockdown special” web page.

Our Basics Bank, Food Bank, continues to operate as normal every Tuesday providing a critical service to individuals and families suffering hardship in our local community.

Read more about the United Free Church of ScotlandStedfast 202004_05

The April/May 2020 edition of STEDFAST, our denominations magazine, is available now from Wilson Memorial Church.

Click this link to go to our current Stedfast article, and find out how to view a copy online.  This months edition features some reflections from our own Rev Mike about what Easter means to him.





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