Harvest Thanksgiving

11:00am at Wilson Memorial Church

This Sunday, 8th October, is the Wilson Memorial 2017 Harvest Thanksgiving service, when Rev Mike will lead this wonderful service.  All gifts of produce received for the thanksgiving table will be donated to the Basics Bank.

This weeks sermon

Giving thanks when you don’t feel like it.

This weeks scripture reading

New Testament – 1 Thessalonians 5: 12-24  “Final Instructions and Greetings”

This weeks hymns:

  1. Come, you thankful people, come (Mission Praise, 106)
  2. Give thanks with a grateful heart (Mission Praise, 170)
  3. Great is thy faithfulness (Mission Praise, 200)
  4. Now thank we all our God (Mission Praise, 486)

Also, coming up this week:

  • Bible Study – Sunday 8th October, 6:30pm
  • Open Hour – Wednesday 11th October, 11:00am
  • Autumn Communion Lunch – Thursday 12th October, 11:30am
  • Women’s Association (thimbles talk) – Thursday 12 October, 2:00pm
  • Film Society : Blockbuster cinema screening – Friday 13th October 6:30pm
  • Coffee Morning – Saturday 14th October 10:00am