World Communion Sunday

11:00am at Wilson Memorial Church

Sunday 1st October is World Communion Sunday, and you are invited to join the celebrations at Wilson Memorial Church.  For more information about Communion click here to go to our feature Communion page.

Guest organist


This week we have guest organist Philip Brown playing for us.  We will also have a special feature solo, where our choir’s lead baritone Scott Kennaway will be singing “In Christ alone”

This weeks sermon

We are what we eat.

This weeks scripture reading

New Testament – Acts 2: 5-12, & 42-47  “The coming of the Holy Spirit”

This weeks hymns:

  1. I come with joy, a child of God (Church Hymnary 4, 656)
  2. In Christ there is no east or west (Church Hymnary 4, 624)
  3. We come as guests invited (Mission Praise, 723)
  4. Brother, Sister, let me serve you (Church Hymnary, 694)

Also, coming up this week:

  • Weekly Open Hour  – Wednesday 27th Sep at 11:00am
  • Harvest Thanksgiving – Sunday 8th Oct at 11:00am
  • Bible Study – Sunday 8th Oct at 6:30pm