Basics Bank – busier than ever!

On 22 December 2020, our Basics Bank had it’s busiest day.  In the commercial world, businesses are super happy to report their busiest day, and delighted to be extra busy in the run up to Christmas.  But at the Basics Bank, when we are busy, it means more people are struggling, and in the run up to Christmas it’s even more heart-breaking than normal to see individuals and families suffering and in crisis.

Just how busy were we?  We distributed 1,050kg of food on 22 December.  Since then we have continued to experience significantly increased (two or three times normal) demand for our aid services.

We have also registered an increase in the number of families and couples receiving aid.

It would not be possible to carry out this essential lifeline service without the donations of so many people, organisations, and businesses in our local community, and we would like to extend our appreciation with a special thank-you to the following:

  • Portobello Community Football Academy
  • Narinder Singh Premier Store
  • Rosita and Jim McKenzie
  • Aimee and Alison
  • Mary Jane and Alistair (Promenade WhatsApp group)
  • MGM Timber
  • Portobello Community Greengrocer

And of-course everyone else in the Portobello and Craigentinny community who have donated so much over the years.  Thanks for all your efforts, but unfortunately there’s still a lot of work to be done.

See our Basics Bank page for details of what we are urgently needing, and for further information on how we are working to help members of our community in times of financial crisis.

basics bank image

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