Autumn Mid-week Communion

11:30am at Wilson Memorial Church

This Wednesday, 31st October, we will be holding a special mid-week Communion service.  Everyone is invited to join us with Rev Mike for this short communion service, which will be followed by a friendly lunch.

To find out more about communion services at Wilson Memorial, click this link.

Knitted poppies for remembrance day

woolly poppiesThe ladies of our Women’s Association have been hard at work knitting woollen poppies for remembrance day.  These are available now for a small donation, and we hope to make a stunning display in our remembrance cross with them.


Also, coming up this week

  • Monday 29th October : 1:30pm – Dixie Saltires Western line dancing class*
  • Wednesday 31st October : 11:00am – Church open hour
  • Wednesday 31st October : 11:30am – Autumn midweek communion
  • Thursday 1st November : 11:10am – Baby sensory class (7-13 months)*
  • Thursday 1st November : 12:30pm – Baby sensory class (0-6 months)*

* denotes externally managed service, using the Wilson Memorial Church facilities

Church open time

We are open for everyone this Wednesday, 31st October, at 11am.  Please come come along and enjoy this short sanctuary from everyday life for an hour of quiet time and meditation.  We invite everyone to make Wilson Memorial your oasis of calm in the midst of a busy and hectic life.  This week, we will also be holding a short autumn communion service at 11:30am, which will be followed by lunch.