Summer Sundae Singalong Service

Sunday 30th July : 11:00am at Wilson Memorial Church

Please join us, as Rev Mike and Praise Master Gordon lead this service of spontaneous singing, and ice cream.

The praise choice for this week will be opened to the congregation, where any hymn or praise song can be chosen from the Church Hymnary, Mission Praise, or Junior Praise.

This weeks reading: Psalm 98 – God, the ruler of the world

Opening hymn : Thine be the glory (Mission Praise 689)

Congregations choice : 5 favourites hymns from the congregation

Closing hymn : Tell me the old, old story (Mission Praise 628)

ice-cream-sundaeDon’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to get the whole congregation singing your favourite hymn.  But please remember, this is not a challenge to find a hymn that our organist can’t play.

Following this weeks service, everyone will be treated to an indulgent ice cream sundae.  Top quality Italian ice cream from Arcari of Portobello has been ordered.  What Arcari doesn’t know about Sundaes, isn’t worth knowing (remember, Arcari invented the “99” ice cream cone).

20170723_112456275_iOSThe latest edition of Our Daily Bread is now available,

This wonderful booklet can be yours free of charge.  Copies are available in the Church vestibule, or can be obtained direct from Rev Mike.