These are a few of my favourite hymns…

Sunday 2nd July : 11:00am at Wilson Memorial Church

Please join us, as Rev Mike leads us in the first of this years Summer Sunday Services.

WIN_20170512_21_01_31_ProThis weeks scripture readings

Old Testament – Psalm 30:1-12  “A prayer of thanksgiving”

New Testament – Colossians 3:15-16 “The peace that Christ gives”

This weeks hymns:

  1. Praise my soul (Mission Praise, 560)
  2. I heard the voice of Jesus say (Mission Praise, 275)
  3. And can it be (Mission Praise, 33)
  4. I give you all the honour (Mission Praise, 271)
  5. When the music fades (Mission Praise, 1016)
  6. Blessed assurance (Mission Praise, 59)