Pentecost : There is no Plan B

communionThis Sunday 4th June, is not only Pentecost, but also includes the Sacrament of Communion.

Please join us, as Rev Mike leads us through this special service and celebration of the Lords’s Supper.

11:00am at Wilson Memorial Church

This weeks scripture readings:

Old Testament – Numbers 11:24-30 “Moses chooses seventy leaders”

New Testament – Acts 2:1-12 “The coming of the Holy Spirit”

This weeks hymns:

  1. Holy Spirit we welcome you (Mission Praise, 241)
  2. Spirit of the Living God (Mission Praise, 612/613/612 medley)
  3. Holy Spirit, living breath of God (Mission Praise, 1183)
  4. You poured out your spirit (projector)