“Hit Squad” transforms church garden

On Saturday 15th April a team of expert gardners and landscapers descended on Wilson Memorial Church gardens……Okay, so it was actually a group of volunteers from our congregation, aging from 2 to slightly more experienced.

The purpose of this workday was to refurbish the section of garden in between the two front doors.  Over the years this area of the garden has become more difficult to maintain, and the border overgrown.  The hit squad team worked tirelessly to clear this area, lifting slabs, old plants, and weeds.  Then a layer of weed suppressant was laid, and a number of ornamental plants inserted at strategic points for maximum decoration.  The paving slabs were laid back, and more than a ton of golden flint was barrowed in.

The end result looks fantastic, and will be much easier for our regular gardening team to maintain going forward.