God is always love

Wilson Memorial Church : Right here, right now, wherever you are.

No matter what, God is always love

Click on the link to open this weeks video sermon from Rev Mike.

Before the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) pandemic, Wilson Memorial Church would meet every Sunday for worship, but now we have the opportunity to create Wilson Memorial Church wherever you are.  If you are living as a family unit, why not invite the family to sit around the table with you, for a short time of worship.  If you are living alone, you could FaceTime/WhatsApp/Skype a friend or family member to “virtually” join you in worship.

An order of worship that you can use:

  • Light a candle to symbolise the presence of the Holy Spirit
  • Prayer – “Lord Jesus, You promised that where two or three are gathered in Your name, there you will be also.  Here we are.  We trust you will be with us as well.  Amen.”
  • Read a favourite bible passage (eg Psalm 23)
  • Watch the video sermon
  • Discuss what you have seen and read
  • Benediction – “Now may the Grace of our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ, and the love of God our Heavenly Father, and the continuing presence of the Holy Spirit, be with you now and always.  Amen.”
  • Blow out the candle

During this time of global uncertainty due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Wilson Memorial Church services and activities are suspended, apart from the Basics Bank Food Bank, which performs a critical service to individuals and families suffering hardship in our local community.

Scottish Churches Call to Prayer in response to COVID-19

Sunday 22 March, 7:00pm.

You are invited to place a lit candle (traditional or battery operated) in your front window at 7:00pm, and then offer the following prayer:

Gracious God, for all that is good in life, thank You.
For the love of family and friends, thank You.
For the kindness of good neighbours and strangers, thank You.
May those who are vulnerable, hungry or homeless, experience support.
May those who are sick, know healing.
May those who are anxious or bereaved, sense comfort.
Bless and guide political leaders and decision makers with wisdom.
Bless and guide health workers and key workers with strength and wellness.
Bless and guide each one of us, as we adapt to a new way of living.
And may the light shining from our windows, across Road and Wynd,
Glen and Ben, Kyle and Isle, be reflected in our hearts and hands and hopes.
Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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