Lenten Communion : Sunday 5th March

communionThis Sunday, 5th March, which is also the first Sunday of Lent, sees our first communion service of 2017.

Please join us for this wonderful service to celebrate the Lords’s Supper.

11:00am at Wilson Memorial Church

This weeks scripture readings:

Old Testament – Genesis 2:15-17 & 3:1-7 “The garden of Eden and the disobedience of man”

New Testament – Mathew 4:1-6 “The temptation of Jesus”

This weeks hymns:

  1. Come, Let us to the Lord (Church Hymnary 4, 482)
  2. Holy Spirit, hear us (Church Hymnary 4, 599)
  3. Here, O My Lord (Church Hymnary 4, 664 v1-4)
  4. Too soon we rise (Church Hymnary 4, 664 v5-7)