Dear Thomas…

Welcome Back! : In Church, In Person. On Demand.  On your phone.  On your tablet. On your computer.

This Sunday 11th April 2021 sees us return to our Church sanctuary for the second week in a row.  If you didn’t manage along last week, we gladly welcome you back, with socially distanced open arms, and hope to see you in person.  We have two services, at 10:00am and at 11:00am, as numbers have to be restricted, and it is essential to book in advance.  For everyone’s safety, we are strictly following the Scottish Governments social distancing guidelines, and have hand sanitiser stations for your use.

However, we are also presenting this weeks sermon and a home worship order of service, here for you to use if you are not able to make it to Wilson Memorial Church in person, or if you just want to listen to Rev Mike again.

This weeks order of worship that you can use:

  • Light a candle – to remember that Christ is the light of the world, and overcomes every darkness.
  • Opening praise –  Read or sing “Easter Hallelujah” – here is a you-tube video with music and words, that you can sing along to.
  • Opening prayerGracious God of new life, we come to You here in this place, and in our own homes, rejoicing in the mystery of the Risen Christ, present among us always, even when we least expect Him.  We are amazed by Your constant love, Your victory over death and the grave, and Your resurrecting hope which embraces us in every circumstance.Lord, trusting in these gifts, we seek to live as Easter people in every place ad time.  Strengthen us with the gift of Your Holy Spirit in this time of worship, and bless us with Your peace through Jesus Christ, our Risen Lord.

    Yet, even as we rejoice in Easter’s promise, let us confess the ways we fail to live it out:

    Forgiving God, we confess there are times when our trust in you weakens, and we become  anxious about many things.  We talk about love, but we are gripped by fear of those who differ from us.  We hold on to personal agendas and forget You call us to live as a community of believers.  Forgive us for seeking our own interests before the needs of others.  Open our eyes to the many signs of Your love for us.  Through the power of Your Holy Spirit, rekindle our passion for You, so we can work together to witness to Your love.  We pray these things in the name of our Risen Saviour and Lord.     Amen.”

  • Read this weeks scripture passage – John 20:19-31
  • Video Sermon Dear Thomas…
  • Praise – Read or sing “Risen” – here is a you-tube video with music and words, that you can sing along to.
  • Prayer – Thank You, loving God, for Your renewing presence in our lives, and for the many ways You make Yourself known to us: in words spoken in peace; in actions that embody love; in creation that awakens wonder within us, and; in worship that inspires faith and understanding.  With these memories of the grace You have shown us, and with the confidence that You will show us yet more, we pray that all people will come to know the life-giving joy we find in Jesus.We pray for those who are feeling fearful, worried or overwhelmed.  Lord Jesus, reveal to them Your risen presence.

    We pray for those who face violence and unrest each day, in countries around the world and at home in own communities.  Lord Jesus, reveal to them Your risen presence.

    We pray for our national, regional, and local leaders as they continue to navigate our way out of the global pandemic.  Give them wisdom and compassion.  We especially pray for her Majesty the Queen, and for the royal family, as they mourn the death of Prince Philip.  Lord Jesus, reveal to them Your risen presence.

    We pray for our congregation, for churches in our community, and for disciples of Jesus around the world, and especially those who face real persecution for their faith, while we are free to worship without fear or compulsion.  Lord Jesus, reveal to them Your risen presence.

    We pray for our neighbours, especially those who are struggling with poverty, rejection and discrimination.  Lord Jesus, reveal to them Your risen presence.

    We pray for those who are ill, in pain or in grief.  We remember before You, silently or aloud, those on our hearts today…(silence)…Bring them comfort and strength.  Lord Jesus, reveal to them Your risen presence.

    God our Maker, hear our prayers, and use us in ways we may not yet even imagine to respond to those around us with the love we see in Jesus, and with the confidence we draw from His resurrection.  With hopeful hearts we offer you all these prayers in Jesus’ name.  Amen. “

  • Closing praise – Read or sing “Alleluia, Give thanks to the risen Lord” – here is a you-tube video with music and words, that you can sing along to.
  • Charge and Benediction -Go now with the love of God, the grace of Jesus Christ, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit.

    Christ is risen!  Alleluia!

    Go share your faith and your lives.

    Christ is risen!  Alleluia!

    Go to proclaim the good news of Easter.

    Christ is risen!  Alleluia!

  • Extinguish the candle

What else is happening at Wilson Memorial this week?

basics bank imageWe have created a program of on-line events that you can join in from the comfort of your favourite armchair. Details of these events can be found on our “What’s on – Lockdown special” web page.  Go and check it out, NOW!

In addition to video sermons, we also now have podcast sermons available to download and listen to on your mobile device wherever you are.  We also have a “dial a sermon” service available, where you can listen to sermons by telephone.  To phone a service, simply call us on 0131 297 6174, you will hear an automated greeting, and then after a short pause the latest sermon will play.

Private prayerSundays re-started– As permitted by the Scottish Government, we are once again open for Sunday worship services, starting on 4 April.  Unfortunately, we do have to introduce some restrictions in order that we can manage the required social distancing rules, and keep everyone as safe as possible.  This means we have had to significantly reduce our seating capacity, and introduce a booking system to ensure we do not exceed the allowed number of worshipers in our church building.  In order that as many people as possible can join us, we will be holding two Sunday worship services: At 10:00am and 11:00am.   Social distancing measures and hygiene precautions are in place.

Our Basics Bank, Food Bank, continues to operate as normal every Tuesday providing a critical service to individuals and families suffering hardship in our local community.

Read more about the United Free Church of Scotland

Stedfast Feb 21

The February/March 2021 edition of STEDFAST, our denominations magazine, is now available from Wilson Memorial Church.

We have hard copy coffee-table editions and soft copy tablet/PC editions available.

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